California’s Racial Equity Commission

California’s Racial Equity Commission recommends best practices and opportunities to address racial equity and address inequities facing historically underserved and marginalized communities. The 11-member Racial Equity Commission also provides technical assistance to state and local governments to advance racial equity statewide. The Commission was established as part of Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-16-22, mandating state entities to embed and institutionalize racial equity strategies across their policies, programs, and initiatives.

Building a California for All

“In California, we recognize that our incredible diversity is the foundation for our state’s strength, growth and success – and that confronting inequality is not just a moral imperative, but an economic one. Our state has made great strides in redressing historic wrongs and stubborn disparities, but we know that much work remains to tackle the barriers that hold back too many Californians and undermine our collective prosperity. California won’t shy away from this challenge – with today’s action, our state is doubling down on the ongoing work to make the California Dream a reality for every one of us.”
– California Governor Newsom

“The Racial Equity Commission is uniquely positioned to develop and recommend strategies that undo the harms of policies and practices that have created and reinforced structural racism while advancing racial equity in California.”

– Larissa Estes,
    Executive Director of California’s Racial Equity Commission

What We Do
  • Host Quarterly Commission Meetings
  • Promote Stakeholder and Interagency Coordination
  • Identify Best Practices and Strategies to Advance Racial Equity
  • Provide Technical Assistance for State and Local Government Agencies and Departments

Gavin Newsom